Taking a Mini Cruise

sailing in Newport, RI

Sailing in Newport, RI

I have a confession…I’ve NEVER been on a cruise. As much as I love to be out on the water, I find this kind of surprising. I guess I’ve just never been ready to pull the trigger and commit to being on a boat for a lengthy period of time. What if I don’t like it or I get antsy? But, I’ve noticed lately an option that could be my answer – the mini cruise!┬áIt seems that for first-timers, city slickers or for anyone who just wants a short weekend away, mini cruises are a great option and especially if you’re a water lover like me.

A mini cruise, also known as a taster cruise, can be just one or two nights long and usually sails to just one destination, sometimes two. Classic ports of call on mini cruises include the vibrant city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Bruges, or perhaps a quick jaunt to Rotterdam. (Did someone say Amsterdam?!) The idea is that you make use of the ship’s onboard facilities on the way over and then spend a day exploring the city, before using the return journey to catch up on any activities you missed first time around, or to snooze off the effects of a hard day’s sightseeing.

cruising the Boston Harbor

Cruising the Boston Harbor

With some cruise operators you can even add a mini cruise onto an existing holiday. Let’s say you’re on vacay in Florida and you wish to see the Caribbean islands. You could book a two-night mini cruise that sails from Florida and spend a day exploring the Bahamas, before returning back to Florida ready to catch your flight home, or simply to carry on your vacation in style.

If you’re looking for a quick jaunt from the UK, Royal Caribbean offer a fabulous two-night mini cruise from Southampton to Le Havre, for Paris. Set sail from Southampton and spend the evening enjoying the ship’s onboard facilities and entertainment, before retiring to your cabin for a well-earned rest. The next morning you dock at Le Havre where you can head off exploring or join an organized trip to see the sights. Later that night, while you’re dining on delicious cuisine or catching up on the onboard entertainment, the ship will depart again for Southampton and home.

On the Sea of Cortez in Cabo, Mexico

On the Sea of Cortez in Cabo, Mexico

Even for seasoned cruise-goers, these mini itineraries are a great way to explore new destinations or just to have a short break with lots of fun. Sounds good to moi!

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