Lauren DiMarco is LOLA. She earned this cheeky nickname due to her infectious and spirited ways and it now serves as her alter-ego travel brand. She’s a fun-loving traveler with a flair for finding adventure and spreads humor, charm and joie de vivre everywhere she goes. With a light and entertaining way of creating content, Lola is always looking for unique experiences that blend the perfect mix of practicality with fun. Lola focuses on Luxury Travel Adventure, bringing personality and life to brands & destinations with her clever creativity and savvy ability as a social connector. In fact, Lola’s favorite thing to collect while traveling, outside of gold charms for her charm bracelet, are friendships.

Lola’s definitely a POSHAHOLIC who typically doesn’t have a lot of time when she goes away. She looks to get the most out of her time, learning about the destination and what it’s best known for. Lola believes “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” so she looks for unique experiences to make her trip more memorable.  Her motto is “if you aren’t broadening your horizons and having fun – what exactly are you doing anyway?!”

Read Lola’s fun stories about what she sees, does & learns on her quick trips. Perhaps you’ll be bitten by the travel bug and go on a jaunt-away too!

Lauren has been seen in: Huffington Post Travel, The Daily Meal & Triptease. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Lola was listed as one of the TOP 10 TRAVEL INDUSTRY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS to follow as well as in the top 100 Fantastic Instagram Accounts for Travelers to Follow.

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  1. Tracy

    So fun and informative!!

  2. Joanna Brown

    Barbie meets crazy adventuror? Thank you, yes!

  3. Lara W

    Yo Lola,

    I can attest to traveling with Lola is fun. Did Miami with her twice and now the Vineyard this weekend. She researches and takes me to the best places.

    Love You! Lola

  4. Esther Vanier

    Lola, you rock! You’re almost like my American Express card…just don’t want to leave home without you!

  5. Lola, you are so awesome! 🙂

  6. great blog lola, going to spend some time reading more

  7. Greetings From this Curacao Lady!…(thnx for sharing your adventures)

  8. …great blog thanks! …like you i spend alot of my time planning the next escape!!!! …safe travels g*

  9. nice blog!!hope you could visit Philippines too!!:) i’ll be glad to help if you come here 🙂 have a safe travel!!:)

  10. Lindsay

    Great blog! So happy I came across it 🙂 I too, LOVE LOVE to travel!

  11. Tom Gatenby

    Hi Lola,

    Your blog looks great. Are you constantly travelling or do you ever stay put?


    • Hi Tom,

      thanks for the compliment. OH NO! i have a home base. that’s usually when i write. when i travel i rarely write. i like to soak it all in 😉

      Cheers – Lola

  12. Hi –
    I just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Here is the link: http://thetravelwench.com/2013/12/19/very-inspiring-blogger-award-2/

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