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Dream Cruise Destinations

599ac5b858a4d1b03cd0ed6c3a44e9efOne of the best things about taking a cruise is the luxury of waking up in a new destination, with a new place on your doorstep to explore. Cruises are a great way to travel if you’re short on time and want to pack a few destinations into one trip. Alongside visiting some great destinations, you can also enjoy the range of facilities that your cruise is packed with. If you’re traveling with a family, cruise holidays can be a great way to keep the whole family entertained. I’ve been dreaming over a few destinations in Europe I’d love to visit on a cruise and thought I’d share some juicy travel inspiration with you.



With the recession in Greece now is a great time to visit because things are cheaper, but also because you can help out boost the Greek economy. You have so many choices in Greece, as there are tons of beautiful islands to visit. You can visit the romantic, beautiful island of Santorini which is world-famous for the white buildings with ocean-blue painted roofs. You could spend a few days exploring Mykonos, with the turquoise water laced with golden sand. Corfu is a beautiful island with striking rock formations and stunning beaches. It would be hard to miss Athens, when visiting Greece, as there is so much historical significance jam packed into this beautiful city.



Croatia is quickly becoming a hot travel destination in Europe and rightly so, it is beautiful. The only problem is, I can see it becoming busier and busier as time goes on. I think now is a great time to visit as it’s on the edge of being completely dominated by tourism, so you can still find areas to enjoy by yourself. I’m hoping to get there this upcoming summer. When sailing in Croatia, it’s common to make your way from Dubrovnik to Split or vice versa. People say Dubrovnik is a must-see stop on any cruise through Croatia, with its charming old streets. Along the way it’s been suggested to stop in Hvar, which is an island that boasts a lot of natural beauty. Mjlet also has lush green national parks, grand lakes and a few beautiful beaches scattered around the island.



Ah, Italy. Who can plan a trip to Europe without giving into the temptation that is this beautiful country. Because so much of Italy is next to the coast, you’re almost spoiled for choice in places you can visit in Italy on your cruise. One of my favourite places is Capri, which has great food and beautiful beaches – an irresistible combination. For some striking contrast, spend a few days in Sardinia, where you’ll see impressive coastlines unlike anywhere else.

Have you been to any of these countries? What are your dream cruise destinations?


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why i Triptease

if you are looking for the straight up down-low on a hotel, resort or destination – Triptease is your answer. user-generated reviews that get right down to business with quick, tantalizing descriptions is what you can expect. plus the photos, yes the photos are oh so sexy. some of Lola’s personal favorites are…


Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 7.47.15 PM

i’m smitten with Greece and hear that Patmos is one incredible island. just look at this amazing photo. you know it had me at the PINK Vespa 😉


Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 7.58.00 PM

everyone knows St. Bart’s is super sexy. having been twice, i can tell you that its appeal DOES. NOT. TIRE. Eden Rock is one special location and the ‘Villa Rockstar‘, i hear, is LEGENDARY!!


Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 4.33.34 PM

let’s start with it’s FRANCE. then there’s the lake, the rose wine, the food. this review describes this restaurant, Chez Ma Cousine as accessible by car or by boat. hmmm…i think i’ll vote boat!


Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 5.08.00 PM

i don’t have a bucket list but this tour makes me want to start one STAT. not even slightly kidding that reading this review makes me want to go to Thailand. you need to click through and get a gander for yourself but my tease to you is cliff jumping, floating in the ocean as the sun sets and a secret island beach party. GO ON…i know you want to know the rest.

have i tempted you? you should visit Triptease to be inspired, research your next place to stay, eat or play OR even to write your very own Triptease. you can find some of my reviews here.



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Top 5 Islands to Visit When in Greece: Opa!

photo 2-15

Greece is a breathtaking wonderland that is adored by many worldwide travelers during the Summer months as well as throughout the year. Allow yourself to sink your feet into the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea waters, explore ancient Greek ruins like Acropolis in Athens, educate yourself about old-world philosophies and taste authentic Greek dishes and delicacies like Moussaka and Souvlaki.

Not only is Greece the birthplace of the Olympics, it’s also home to a collection of sun-kissed exotic islands, each one with its own unique flavor. Greece is often referred to as the origin of European civilization and it offers travelers a variety of experiences and opportunities to explore famous landmarks, busy seaside resorts, chic hotels, ancient archaeological sites, trendy nightclubs and more. Thinking about visiting Greece? Make sure you put these top 5 islands on your travel ‘to-do’ list.

photo 1-19

#1: Syros

The Greek island of Syros is only a few hours from Athens Airport and offers a fantastic mix of art galleries, ancient architecture, popular museums and is home to one of the most breathtaking towns called Ermoupoli.  This island is by far one of the most unique and charming islands that offers visitors the chance to experience authentic Greece.

#2: Santorini

This island is the number one choice among island hoppers. The island of Santorini is known as the more intriguing island of the Greek isles. With glorious sunsets, red, white and black sandy beaches, a colorful nightlife, traditional buildings and picturesque views of the volcano, this island is extremely popular with tourists and locals.

photo 2-16

#3: Mykonos

Known as one of the most vibrant and colorful islands of all the Greek isles, Mykonos offers non-stop beach parties, unique architecture, friendly local people, hospitality at its finest and classy restaurants. This island is adored by thousands across the globe because of its charm, vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere and nightlife that is sometimes compared to the world-famous party island of Ibiza in Spain.

#4: Ithaki

The island of Ithaki is magical and magnificent. It offers visitors the opportunity to truly bond with nature. With sandy smooth beaches, authentic Greek restaurants at budget prices, turquoise-blue Mediterranean seas, untouched nature and absolute serenity. Many people who visit this island have felt as though it offers a Zen-like ambiance as it is completely relaxing and tranquil.


#5: Hydra

This unique and tiny island offers travelers the perfect vacation escape. The local people are friendly, local services are top-notch and the local architecture is striking. The feature that makes this island truly unique is the fact that no vehicles are allowed and travelers and locals use bicycles and donkeys to get around. Yes, that’s right, donkeys.

A visit to Greece is not complete without a tour around some of the best and most beautiful islands, so make sure you put a few of these top Greek islands on your travel bucket list. Once you hop around the islands of Greece, you will most likely be won over by Greece’s natural charm and unique experiences.

Thanks to Natasha for this informative guest post. I’ve been to the stunning Santorini and it makes me desperate to get back to Greece. I’m truly hoping that Mykonos is in my future this summer! 

Guest Post Author Byline:

Natasha Jervis is a dedicated and professional travel copywriter with over 14 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. Some of her past and current roles include the New York Times travel channel on, Sunwing Vacations,, and a variety of other worldwide travel media resources. You can find some of her more recent works here.


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#WINNING – Summer Swimwear For The Win with @OrchidBoutique

Because the PERFECT swimwear to compliment your getaway will make it that much better!


Lola’s got some great summertime escapes planned that call for a few new luxe swimsuits & cover ups. After all, you cannot be a poshaholic travelista and be seen in the same thing all over the globe! Not that every last detail is firmed up but, besides returning to Miami next week, I will also be heading to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in June. Crossing my fingers for Mykonos, Greece in July. AND very likely going to Vegas for end-of-summer fun and FINALLY trying out the Vegas pool party scene. Given these different locales and the activities I’ll be participating in, I decided I should do some luxe swimwear research and found a very ‘Lola Approved’ resource.

orchid boutique logo

The Orchid Boutique™ is an online mecca of unique and gorgeous swimwear fashion. They search the world to cherry-pick an elite group of unique designers and offer the most exclusive luxury swimwear as well as a range of complementing items like jewelry and beach handbags. AND, lucky me, their flagship store is located in South Beach – Miami. Soooo, you know where I’m going shopping next week in Miami to shop for my upcoming getaways.

PLUS The Orchid Boutique and Lola’s Travels have teamed up to do a contest for you! One lucky reader will win a $200 gift card toward a #LuxeSwimwear purchase and shipping at The Orchid Boutique online store.


In order to be entered to win please click the link below and complete the following mandatory steps:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • LIKE both Lola’s Travels & The Orchid Boutique Facebook Fan Pages
  • FOLLOW both of us on Twitter
  • TWEET about the contest
  • COMMENT here saying which Orchid Boutique #LuxeSwimwear style you’d choose AND where in the world you would wear it. We’ve made a special Pinterest Board for the contest so be sure to check it out & share your #LuxeSwimwear choice and destination we’ve pinned!

The Orchid Boutique will choose the lucky reader and we will both announce the winner on Friday, May 17 via our Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter and to your email account.

Now for some FUN inspiration!


Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 3.23.53 PM

When I head to Cabo I’ll be staying at the beautiful Bahia Hotel & Beach Club. Not only will I be poolside but most definitely will be spending time at their beach club as well as the legendary Nikki Beach, which is next door. So, what does one wear for lots of beach-filled days in Mexico? These are two styles I’m debating by L*SPACE & Mar de Rosas along with a hot embellished cover up! Viva la Mexico!



swimming pool and sunloungers - gm38_a1e6518(1).fsp_detail

I’m going to Italy in early July and hope to extend and go over to Greece to visit Mykonos. Why? Well, even though I’ve been to Greece it just wasn’t enough time and I really NEED to check Mykonos out. One of my favorite hotel brands, Grace Hotels, has a gorgeous property on Mykonos. Not only do I want spend time at the pool and on the beach but I also think I might need some relaxation time in their boutique spa. So, naturally, I need swimwear suitable for all of these things. What do you think of these options of Sabz Luxury or Aguaclara? They shout out goddess to me – perfect for Greece!




Can you believe Lola has yet to experience the pool party fun of Vegas? Yeah, me either. Well, my number one go-to source, Vegas Chatter tells me the BEST place for a sophisticated (read non-cheesy) pool party is Azure over at The Palazzo. I’ve actually stayed at The Palazzo and definitely agree that it’s a classy joint. So why not give it a go?! For some reason, Vegas always conjures up shiny, sparkly, metallic images in my mind. I think these bikini numbers and sexy coverup by Vitamin A fit the bill quite nicely, NO?!


Which one(s) will I choose? I think it’s going to be a tough decision with so many choices AND I haven’t even stepped into the store! Watch my Instagram account as I show you some of the options I try in Miami. Wish me luck in my shopping endeavors and, of course, I wish you luck in your possible win of a FANTASTIC $200 gift card prize to The Orchid Boutique.

XO – Lola

legal mumbo jumbo: this gift card is non-transferrable; not redeemable for cash, with no cash back from transaction; not redeemable for any previously purchased items.



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Travel Style – a #FriFotos Special Edition

Stylin’ & Profilin’

Lola's #Style is #lolafied

Lola’s #STYLE is #lolafied

I’m excited to share that I’ll be co-hosting #FriFotos on Twitter this Friday, April 26. In case you aren’t clear what #FriFotos is exactly, it’s a 24-hour chat that trends internationally. People worldwide share their photos that match the week’s theme and you can play along if you’re on Twitter or Instagram by following the #FriFotos hashtag and including it in your Tweets with your photos.

The usual hosts will be there: @FriFotos who can also be tweeted to as @TravelDesigned, @EpsteinTravels & @CharlesYap. I’m sharing co-hosting with ooo lala @purplepassport AND you can find me @LolaDiMarco. NOW onto this week’s theme. After a little discussion we decided on #STYLE. I think this is a fantastic topic for #FriFotos because it can apply to lots of things with regard to travel. Like is your #STYLE solo travel, backpacker or luxe? Is your accommodation #STYLE swanky, hip or budget? What’s your travel food #STYLE or even libations #STYLE? You get my point, right?! #STYLE is about the LIFESTYLE of travel too. Of course, I think the more creative the better and to help inspire you I’ve put together some ideas to show you LOLA’S TRAVEL #STYLE.



Theres no doubt about it. My travel #STYLE involves lots and lots of PINK wherever I can pull it off!

photo 1-16

Lola’s drink #STYLE of choice is COCKTAILS

Seen here are a Dark & Stormy at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Ultimate Gin & Tonic at SLS Beverly Hills, CA, 3 different versions of Negronis at Four Seasons Florence, Italy & the delicious Eastern Standard at Soho Beach House, Miami.

my travel #Style most certainly includes luxury hotel stays

my travel #STYLE most certainly includes LUXURY hotel stays

Don’t know what your #STYLE is for accommodations but mine’s definitely one where I’m looking for something special! These properties absolutely fit the special #STYLE bill. Seen here are two Four Seasons properties: Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, CA and Four Seasons Milan in Milan, Italy. AND two Relais & Chateaux properties: Bellevue Syrene in Sorrento, Italy and Villa Galicci in Aix en Provence, France. I can assure you that I have never stayed in any Relais & Chateaux or Four Seasons property that didn’t meet every expectation in GREAT #STYLE.

Lola #Style also goes with HIP hotels

Lola’s #STYLE also goes with HIP hotels

My travel #STYLE enjoys finding the new hot spots too. These hotels certainly exude a HIP #STYLE. We’ve got Mondrian SoHo in NYC, W Barcelona in Spain, The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas & The James Royal Palm in Miami. All very HIP. All very COOL.

FACT: Lola hearts the #Style of a beach vacay

FACT: Lola hearts the #STYLE of a beach vacay

It’s gotta be NO surprise that my travel #STYLE is definitely one that leans toward beach vacations. Sun, sand & the sea make me so happy! Here are a few of my favorite beachy spots: Miami Beach in Florida, Gouverneur Beach in St. Barts, Lucy Vincent Beach in Martha’s Vineyard, MA and Cas Abao Beach in Curacao.

photo 3-10

very important in my world…minibar #STYLE

One thing that I’ve found that really sets some properties apart is a beautiful, well-appointed minibar! First up is the BEST up so far – Soho Beach House, Miami. To the right is Mondrian SoHo, NYC. Below is Four Seasons Florence, Italy. To the left is W Barcelona, Spain. If you love a cocktail to start your evening off right or to have a night cap at days end, a minibar with serious #STYLE is essential! Just sayin’

photo 2-11

Lola’s #STYLE is definitely all about a FAB hotel pool

I don’t care if it’s not even warm enough to sun yourself, there’s something amazing about the #STYLE of great swimming pool. Granted, I prefer the sunshine & warmth option in my travel plans. Found here are Delano South Beach in Miami, W Barcelona in Spain, Petit Palace in Santorini, Greece and Soho Beach House in Miami. I ask you what’s not to LOVE about these pool’s #STYLE?

I hope these examples of #STYLE has got your creative juices flowing. It will be so FUN if you come PLAY along on Friday on Twitter with #FriFotos. Don’t forget to tweet to me @LolaDiMarco and add the hashtags #STYLE and #FriFotos to your photos. I look forward to seeing you & your travel #STYLE there!

xo – LOLA


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