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One Day Stay: Prague, Czech Republic


Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and the historical capital of Bohemia. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Prague three times. Once in the winter, once in the fall and my latest visit was in the summer. It is truly gorgeous in all seasons but I think summertime is my favorite even if it was my shortest visit. There is a reason it’s known as ‘The Golden City’ with its gilded roofs and spires but I have never it seen it glisten & shine like it did this summer. It was like the whole city had a golden glow.

photo 1

Prague was founded in the Romanesque period and blossomed in the Gothic & Renaissance eras, playing as the seat to two Holy Roman Emperors. Although this incredible city has a vibrant history it also has a dark side tied to wars and Communism. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, Prague has become the 6th most visited European city. I can see why! It is truly stunning and there is no limit to what you can find to do. If culture is your thing, this city hosts museums and musical events galore. If food is your thing, you can find traditional Czech to the latest trends in every other cuisine. Then there’s shopping, nightlife and the great outdoors. Although there is so much of Prague to explore, it’s a great ‘One Day Stay’ destination if you are pairing it with a taste of Europe’s other great Hapsburg capitals – Vienna and Budapest.


photo 5-1

I’ve written about the unique and gorgeous Four Season Prague before but I haven’t actually stayed as a lucky guest. So, you can imagine how happy I was to actually rest my head here and in my favorite style room in the Renaissance House! With just over 160 rooms held within 3 different historical structures, Four Seasons Prague kind of felt like returning home. You see, the staff were so gracious during my fall visit that we were all happy to be reunited once again this summer. Of course the hotel was everything I could imagine and more. Sleeping like a princess underneath a crystal chandelier and a soaking tub with jetlag salts waiting for me in the bathroom. Who wouldn’t be happy? Totally LOLA APPROVED! Only steps away from the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and with views of the Prague Castle across the Vltava River, Four Seasons Prague was perfectly situated for me to get a quick dose of the best Prague has to offer.


photo 2-3

This visit to Prague I took a walking tour to the Hradcany district across the river from Old Town where you can find Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral. I wandered up to the city wall and through the less well-known area called the “new world” where many writers and artists have lived over the years. As you move toward the river you will find the neighborhood Mala Strana whose cobblestone streets are so charming. This quiet neighborhood is home to many embassies and is said to be the most exclusive area of Prague. Even just crossing the Charles Bridge was magical in the summertime.


photo 3-3

Post walking tour it was time to taste what Prague is so well-known for – BEER! Friends who live there suggested meeting in Letna Park – the biggest park in the center of Prague. You will also find great beer gardens there and a spectacular view of Prague. I loved watching the setting sun over the golden rooftops and people enjoying the summer evening.


photo 4-1

Back over in Mala Strana or Lesser Town, is where you will find the street named Maltezske namesti and definitely where you should head to dine. Filled with cute cafes and some of Prague’s best restaurants, here you’ll find a variety of places to eat. A few recommended spots are the French brasserie Cafe de Paris, Vino Deja Vu for a glass of local or international wine, and Cafe Lounge for a great cup of coffee.

A big THANK YOU to Four Seasons Prague for hosting my stay and treating me like a longtime friend. I’ve highly recommended Four Seasons Prague repeatedly and so you know I ‘Lola Approve’ it. The views here are mine!


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my favorite activity of my 30 day Eurotour

a tale of a lady & the puppet


every day of my 30 days in Europe was amazing. in total, only one day was an “off” day, meaning no real plans. AND, even then, something fun happened. that month was kismet. perfection. SO, it’s difficult to pick one activity that i really loved more than another.

BUT, i was indulged. i seized the opportunity to do something i reallllly wanted to do. my favorite activity in all of my 30 days was making my make my own look-alike marionette doll in Prague – a city well-known for its marionette making & puppeteering. please, don’t misunderstand. i know some of them look freaky but my little clone doesn’t. she’s cute!

photo 1-15

anyhow…there i was, planning the trip and all the things i had on my wish list. while i was researching i came across Truhlar Marionety as THE place to take workshops on marionette making in Prague. as i closed in on the 30 day tour and was firming things up, i decided to ask the Four Seasons Prague if Truhlar Marionety was truly the place for making puppets and they verified yes. so, then & there, it was decided and a workshop was booked.

photo 5

so why is this my favorite activity? well, on a Thursday morning i showed up at the Truhlar studio for my class. i didn’t realize i was in for a 4 hour lesson but the time flew by. it was a very well thought out procedure for getting one into visualizing and actually making your own marionette. even though i fancy myself as a creative type, i found it challenging yet SO SO FUN. completely hand-made, the end result was truly rewarding as you knew you crafted the entire look of the doll yourself. the PR & marketing director was leading the workshop and the master craftsman, Pavel, (20 years in the biz) assembled my girl. how cool is that? when they could see my affinity with the pink boa they suggested adding that to my Lola marionette. i can get behind anyone who endorses the boa factor – yes, indeed. my day was so much fun and it was evident from all the smiles in the room including my Lola puppet. how could this not be my favorite activity?!

photo copy 9

BONUS is, this is my one Prague souvenir and it cost a grand total of $60. talk about a bargain for 4 hours of learning, laughing and creating a memory plus a keepsake to bring home. it is a day i will never forget. it’s alway enjoyable to participate in my little indulgences but this one kinda took the cake. it was more fun than i hoped and more learning than i expected. i have my Lola marionette to remember Prague by but i also know more about the puppet making process as a whole and now have an additional respect for the masters who make them.

photo copy 8

it’s a puppets tale with an almost happy ending. my Lola marionette needs a boyfriend so my next challenge is to make it back to Prague to get (i mean make) that girl a date!



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a different kind of castle – Four Seasons Prague

a palatial complex of its very own unique kind!

it’s no secret that i like the royal treatment. i have princess tastes that’s for sure. thankfully Prague has a gorgeous castle so it was a perfect place to begin my month-long Eurotour in regal style. having said that, the Prague Castle wasn’t my favorite grand property – Four Seasons Prague was!

i had the pleasure of touring the gorgeous Four Seasons while visiting Prague. located in the historical Old Town, Four Seasons is situated along side the Vltava River with the famous Charles Bridge nearby. what i loved best about this property, besides its STUNNING views, was the unique marriage of four different style buildings, each from different eras, brought together to create one luxurious hotel.

how did they accomplish this you may be wondering? well, along with careful restoration & preservation of the different original details of the buildings, the property was tied altogether by a modern building.  the styles of the older buildings are neo-Renaissance, neo-Classical and Baroque and, of course, the newest structure has a modern feel so as to allow each of the other buildings to retain its individual personality. BRILLIANT!

“The important focus throughout was the integrity of the design that ultimately blended the architectural styles harmoniously to reflect the character and elegance of Prague’s Old Town.” says Rene Beauchamp, General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Prague.

i’d say mission accomplished. during the tour, it was pointed out that this promise to have each structure reflect its own persona offers visitors the option of choosing between a Renaissance, Baroque, Neo-Classical or contemporary stay. i love this unique approach & its one that ensures this property will offer a special & memorable experience for its guests. perhaps one would be lucky enough to try each style on separate luxury holidays.

now a bit about these different styled buildings

The Neo-Renaissance House

built in 1883, the neo-Renaissance building has a richly embellished facade that was restored, including the grand entry foyer with its frescoed ceilings.

The Neo-Classical House

dating back to 1827, the neo-Classical building has many original features such as windows & fixtures.

The Baroque House

the oldest house of the complex was built in 1737 in the Baroque style. many architectural features were preserved & restored, including stone architraves and masonry vaults, wooden doors and hand-forged ironwork.

The Modern House

of course built in the 21st century, this structure’s interiors reflect the modern-day traveler with a more sleek look.

is this property lola approved? ABSOLUTELY!! Four Seasons Prague definitely accomplishes giving its guests the best of modern-day conveniences & comforts while retaining the city’s rich history all in one place. i liked the balance of old & new. even the interior decorating achieves this concept. as i’ve said before, i love the idea of keeping the old alive but breathing new life into it. my favorite style of the four houses was the Renaissance. here’s hoping this princess returns again soon to Prague & as a guest of the Four Seasons there!




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pretty pretty Prague

pretty Prague castle

it’s been a LONG time since i’ve been to Prague & while i was looking forward to some of the fun activities Leah Travels & i had planned, i remembered Prague to be just okay. i can now say I STAND CORRECTED. i really loved my visit to Prague so much more this visit. YES it was warmer this time as it’s only November and the last time i was there it was March. AND it’s true, i’ve been traveling with great company, so i’m sure that also impacted my impressions of Prague as well. BUT these are only some of the reasons i enjoyed Prague.

famous astrological clock in Prague

both times i’ve visited the Czech Republic capital i’ve stayed in apartments. this time, Leah & my Go with Oh apartment was in a perfect location in the old town city center of Prague. we could easily get to so many places quickly. while i found the apartment stay option great both times, some may prefer the convenience of staying in a hotel. i noticed that there seemed to be many Prague hotel options offered at different price points.

here are some of my other observations:

  • i liked how much cleaner it was this time – it’s as if everything had a fresh coat of paint

the pretty streets of Prague

  • i appreciated the quaintness of this old city
  • i enjoyed learning more about Prague’s interesting history by taking a free walking tour

whooping it up on the Prague pub crawl

  • i thought the Prague Pub Crawl was an excellent way to make new friends
  • i found the people more friendly this go round

yummy Czech sausages

  • i tried the street food & it was delicious
  • i appreciated that it was still an affordable place to visit

heavy full-bodied beer

  • i found the beer heavier than i remembered
  • i realized how badly taxi drivers try to rip off tourists

absinthe, slivovice & becherovka

when it comes to travel, it’s just about impossible to do everything. i guess it gives me a great excuse to return to Prague down the road! AND that’s not a bad thing either!!

have you been to Prague recently? if so, what would you add to the list?


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Lola & Leah Eurotour commences – we want your photo dares!

we’re all packed & ready to go

it’s that time gang! while Leah has been methodical in her plans & packing, i’ve been more concerned about my props for my stunts i’ll be pulling for you all.

speaking of stunts, here’s the list of dares so far…


  • photo with a musician or street performer – bonus points if a viola player!


  • pics of silly faces in Rome
  • photos with raunchy Roman statues


  • surfing photo op on the ‘wave’ in Parc Guell


  • pic with the boa at the Eiffel Tower on one of the observation decks
  • photo of us drinking wine out of baby bottles in Montmartre
  • standing over the subway grate as the air blows up our skirts photo op in Pigalle

it’s certainly not too late to participate & you can even WIN prizes for doing so with Go with Oh multiple time for the cities we’re visiting. check it out!


  • drinking a shot of the national beverage pics in front of famous landmarks
  • photos with cute bartenders & hot men
  • pics of men in each place visited with the boa & us
  • photo op of people spelling out LOLA with their bodies in each city
  • photo of a cute European man mooning us (not sure how we verify he’s cute if we’re photographing his bum) 😉
  • and then there’s the topless beach or thong bikini photo ops
  • finally, a nudie photo with our boas covering any inappropriate lady parts

NOW, i cannot promise we’ll do all of these. i like your thinking and feel you’re on the right track BUT i do think you can be more creative.


now tweet to @GowithOh your creative photo dares with the hashtag #iDareGowithOh



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