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where to next…Vienna, Austria

with so many choices…what to do, where to go? ┬áVienna – i say, why not?! 2.5 hours by train from Budapest and with under two days left (assuming no more volcanic delays) i wanted to make the most of my time. Vienna was a great choice – upon arriving, a nice stroll around town to get familiarized was just the ticket. after the decision was made ┬áto go to Vienna, i hopped on the computer and found great review and a fab last minute price for Hotel Konig Von Ungarn. this charming inn was out of a story book…in the center of town but felt like it was nestled in the countryside – the staff and amenities were wonderful. breakfast was included in the stay and come to find out this part of the hotel was once Mozart’s home – wow!

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cheers to side trips!

another city bus tour down and a wienerschnitzel later, having one of the many delicious biers/beers i enjoyed on this excursion to Austria. this is St. Stephen’s Cathedral behind me in Vienna. all in all, getting “ashed in” was not half bad. i may have brought home a few extra pounds from beer calories but along with that many priceless memories well worth the spare tire!

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