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Best Traveled Dress

I travel a lot. And I’m often asked about travel essentials and how and what I choose to pack. There are few staples depending upon the climate but there is one standout dress that seems to accompany me almost everywhere for the last five years and is still going strong!

rodress     Photo 1-16     Photo 2-16    lola_blackpink

The Calypso Classic Ro Dress. Calypso St. Barth is a favorite store of mine found in some lucky locales throughout the USA and, of course, the original in St. Barth. I’ve visited a few but the Boston store is where I do the most damage. Five years ago or so I bought my first Ro dress and knew instantly what a great staple dress this was but since have truly learned it’s value. (The classic Ro dress retails at $195)

I have worn it as going out nighttime dress, a touring day dress, a beach cover up or just something to quickly throw on. This is a dress that keeps you cool and comfortable. It’s a dress that consistently gets complimented. It is a dress that’s forgiving – I think it would look good on anyone. Best of all, you can machine wash it or, in times of necessity, hand wash it in a sink. It looks great with a casual denim jacket or cardigan. It can be worn with leggings and boots. Mine has gone on fancy dinner dates, out dancing at clubs or just chilling at beach bars. Plus, obviously, it travels well in your bag. It is my go-to everything dress!

This dress has literally traveled the globe with me. It’s been to Miami virtually every time I go. Hello cover up or a dress to throw on for lunch. Same idea for Hawaii and Palm Springs. And, seen here on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


In St. Martin and St. Barth it’s been a going out dress. Also in London, Bali and seen here in Istanbul.


This dress traveled with me for my 10,000 mile drive from the United Kingdom to Mongolia. It is that diverse and essential. In Cambodia it was a touring dress of the Phnom Penh Night Market.


In Thailand it saw the grandeur of the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

photo 1-14

And as a day dress it met children in an orphanage in Bangalore India.

photo 2-12

Calypso St. Barth has grown from a modest resort-wear boutique to a luxury lifestyle brand with a passionate international following. Inspired by travel, culture & the arts, the brand reveals unique & feminine pieces that can be mixed and matched for effortless elegance, which women of every age have come to love.

Calypso St. Barth’s namesake collection is displayed alongside carefully curated pieces from international designers for an eclectic assortment with wide appeal. To me, entering Calypso St. Barth is like taking a mini-vacation to somewhere exotic. And each of my Calypso pieces are very unique and special to me.


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why i Triptease

if you are looking for the straight up down-low on a hotel, resort or destination – Triptease is your answer. user-generated reviews that get right down to business with quick, tantalizing descriptions is what you can expect. plus the photos, yes the photos are oh so sexy. some of Lola’s personal favorites are…


Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 7.47.15 PM

i’m smitten with Greece and hear that Patmos is one incredible island. just look at this amazing photo. you know it had me at the PINK Vespa 😉


Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 7.58.00 PM

everyone knows St. Bart’s is super sexy. having been twice, i can tell you that its appeal DOES. NOT. TIRE. Eden Rock is one special location and the ‘Villa Rockstar‘, i hear, is LEGENDARY!!


Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 4.33.34 PM

let’s start with it’s FRANCE. then there’s the lake, the rose wine, the food. this review describes this restaurant, Chez Ma Cousine as accessible by car or by boat. hmmm…i think i’ll vote boat!


Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 5.08.00 PM

i don’t have a bucket list but this tour makes me want to start one STAT. not even slightly kidding that reading this review makes me want to go to Thailand. you need to click through and get a gander for yourself but my tease to you is cliff jumping, floating in the ocean as the sun sets and a secret island beach party. GO ON…i know you want to know the rest.

have i tempted you? you should visit Triptease to be inspired, research your next place to stay, eat or play OR even to write your very own Triptease. you can find some of my reviews here.



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Travel Style – a #FriFotos Special Edition

Stylin’ & Profilin’

Lola's #Style is #lolafied

Lola’s #STYLE is #lolafied

I’m excited to share that I’ll be co-hosting #FriFotos on Twitter this Friday, April 26. In case you aren’t clear what #FriFotos is exactly, it’s a 24-hour chat that trends internationally. People worldwide share their photos that match the week’s theme and you can play along if you’re on Twitter or Instagram by following the #FriFotos hashtag and including it in your Tweets with your photos.

The usual hosts will be there: @FriFotos who can also be tweeted to as @TravelDesigned, @EpsteinTravels & @CharlesYap. I’m sharing co-hosting with ooo lala @purplepassport AND you can find me @LolaDiMarco. NOW onto this week’s theme. After a little discussion we decided on #STYLE. I think this is a fantastic topic for #FriFotos because it can apply to lots of things with regard to travel. Like is your #STYLE solo travel, backpacker or luxe? Is your accommodation #STYLE swanky, hip or budget? What’s your travel food #STYLE or even libations #STYLE? You get my point, right?! #STYLE is about the LIFESTYLE of travel too. Of course, I think the more creative the better and to help inspire you I’ve put together some ideas to show you LOLA’S TRAVEL #STYLE.



Theres no doubt about it. My travel #STYLE involves lots and lots of PINK wherever I can pull it off!

photo 1-16

Lola’s drink #STYLE of choice is COCKTAILS

Seen here are a Dark & Stormy at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Ultimate Gin & Tonic at SLS Beverly Hills, CA, 3 different versions of Negronis at Four Seasons Florence, Italy & the delicious Eastern Standard at Soho Beach House, Miami.

my travel #Style most certainly includes luxury hotel stays

my travel #STYLE most certainly includes LUXURY hotel stays

Don’t know what your #STYLE is for accommodations but mine’s definitely one where I’m looking for something special! These properties absolutely fit the special #STYLE bill. Seen here are two Four Seasons properties: Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, CA and Four Seasons Milan in Milan, Italy. AND two Relais & Chateaux properties: Bellevue Syrene in Sorrento, Italy and Villa Galicci in Aix en Provence, France. I can assure you that I have never stayed in any Relais & Chateaux or Four Seasons property that didn’t meet every expectation in GREAT #STYLE.

Lola #Style also goes with HIP hotels

Lola’s #STYLE also goes with HIP hotels

My travel #STYLE enjoys finding the new hot spots too. These hotels certainly exude a HIP #STYLE. We’ve got Mondrian SoHo in NYC, W Barcelona in Spain, The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas & The James Royal Palm in Miami. All very HIP. All very COOL.

FACT: Lola hearts the #Style of a beach vacay

FACT: Lola hearts the #STYLE of a beach vacay

It’s gotta be NO surprise that my travel #STYLE is definitely one that leans toward beach vacations. Sun, sand & the sea make me so happy! Here are a few of my favorite beachy spots: Miami Beach in Florida, Gouverneur Beach in St. Barts, Lucy Vincent Beach in Martha’s Vineyard, MA and Cas Abao Beach in Curacao.

photo 3-10

very important in my world…minibar #STYLE

One thing that I’ve found that really sets some properties apart is a beautiful, well-appointed minibar! First up is the BEST up so far – Soho Beach House, Miami. To the right is Mondrian SoHo, NYC. Below is Four Seasons Florence, Italy. To the left is W Barcelona, Spain. If you love a cocktail to start your evening off right or to have a night cap at days end, a minibar with serious #STYLE is essential! Just sayin’

photo 2-11

Lola’s #STYLE is definitely all about a FAB hotel pool

I don’t care if it’s not even warm enough to sun yourself, there’s something amazing about the #STYLE of great swimming pool. Granted, I prefer the sunshine & warmth option in my travel plans. Found here are Delano South Beach in Miami, W Barcelona in Spain, Petit Palace in Santorini, Greece and Soho Beach House in Miami. I ask you what’s not to LOVE about these pool’s #STYLE?

I hope these examples of #STYLE has got your creative juices flowing. It will be so FUN if you come PLAY along on Friday on Twitter with #FriFotos. Don’t forget to tweet to me @LolaDiMarco and add the hashtags #STYLE and #FriFotos to your photos. I look forward to seeing you & your travel #STYLE there!

xo – LOLA


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my 7 super shots – done lola-style

when i got tagged by my travelin PIC (partner in crime) Leah of Leah’s Travels to do the HostelBookers’ 7 Super Shots i actually snickered to myself. like i said, i am no real photographer and think many of my *best* shots are of me taken by someone else. WHY? because these shots really tell the stories of my travels and the people i meet!

a photo that takes my breath away:

in the bathroom of the playboy club in vegas

you’re probably thinking “why does this take lola’s BREATH AWAY?” well, for starters, i’m not totally sure how i ended up at the playboy club in Vegas let alone in the bathroom with these characters. when i entered the loo these two were striking similar poses which, of course, i felt necessary to replicate. WHAT THE….

a photo that makes me laugh or smile:

blow up man-doll sandwich in miami

c’mon, be honest, this makes you LAUGH just a little doesn’t it? there was a bachelorette party going on that day in Miami. we were at the swanky Delano enjoying a lovely afternoon by the pool. it was time to shake up the place a bit! THE. END.

a photo that makes me dream:

seaside in santorini

as i mentioned in my “real” 7 Super Shots post, going to Greece was a dream come true. this photo reminds me that it wasn’t a dream that i went there. i actually AM there in this picture BUT i continue to DREAM of going back!

a photo that makes me think:

groundhog day in budapest

i got stuck in Budapest when the Icelandic volcano ash cloud debacle happened in April 2010. it was actually quite fabulous to have an enforced extension to what was supposed to be a short getaway. downside was that things got a little repetitious and i picked up a few BAD habits that made me THINK “maybe it’s time to get outta here or i’ll be needing serious rehab!”

a photo that makes my mouth water:

rum punch at st. jean beach - st. barts

there’s much about this picture that makes my MOUTH WATER. fun times, happy friends, beautiful St. Barts, the beach, the ocean, the sunshine…BUT those RUM PUNCHES! they could make anyone’s mouth water – SCRUMPTIOUS i tell you!

a photo that tells a story:

miami airport

what’s the STORY here? what does this photo say to you, HMMM? feel free to TELL ME in your comments!

a photo that i’m most proud of (aka, my NationalGeographic shot):

lolafying the locals

for this honor i coulda gone REAL “National Geographic” with a topless shot. that’s what i remember most about flipping through that periodical in my younger day! BUT i decided it isn’t really worthy of a National Geographic title. SO i chose this. this is a local fortune teller on Miami beach. he takes his craft VERY seriously. he told me my fortune and scared the living daylights out of me by saying someone had put a curse on me but for a nice sum of cash he’d remove the curse. again, WHAT THE….

why am i PROUD of this shot? because after he finished his rounds, i was able to sweet talk him into snapping a pic with me. see how i got him to loosen up & smile?! i gave him some boa feathers to remember me by. HA! the jokes on him – he’s now under a LOLAFIED spell!


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my 7 super shots from here + there

i don’t fancy myself much of a photographer but will give this a go…

my travelin’ partner in crime, Leah, from Leah Travels tagged me to participate in HostelBookers’ 7 Super Shots. i enjoyed putting this together as it inspired me in a time when i have not been traveling. incredible, the power of photographs! it was fun to see & read what other travel bloggers posted as well. there are some amazing pictures out there that will cause wanderlust in anyone!

a photo that takes my breath away:

sunset in santorini, greece

it was a dream come true to go to Greece this past fall. seeing the Acropolis has been on my bucket list for a LONG time. i’m still carrying the awestruck feeling of seeing it with my own eyes. along with visiting Athens, i also stopped over to the beautiful island of Santorini. it truly looks like all the photographs you’ve seen. AND, for me, it had the most incredible sunsets i’ve ever watched go down. it took my breath away, quite literally.

a photo that makes me laugh or smile:

miami beach, florida

this photo may not incite laughter or cause you to smile but it does for me. Miami is my ‘happy place’ and whenever i’m feeling a little blue, i look at this picture and am reminded of the warm sun, calm water & peace i feel when i’m in Miami. it makes me say ahhh.

a photo that makes me dream:

gouverneur beach in st. barts

if you’ve visited St. Barts you know it’s an absolute dream. i think everything there is dreamy. the weather, the beaches, the food & drinks, the lifestyle, the people – it is HEAVEN on earth. i dream about St. Barts all the time & cannot get back there soon enough.

a photo that makes me think:

berlin wall, germany

there are so many moments in history landmarked around the world and i certainly haven’t seen them all. for me, seeing the Berlin Wall brought home the division of a country that has reunited in my lifetime. World War II was so horrific and the division of a city and country must have been such a dark and sad time in Germany. this picture certainly conjures up thoughts of darkness and sadness to me.

a photo that makes my mouth water:

champagne in provence, france

sante! champagne may not make your mouth water and it doesn’t always mine either. BUT i spent my birthday this year in France and had the pleasure of being reminded how much i love French food. my mouth is watering just thinking about all the delicious food and drinks i devoured while there. bon appetit!

a photo that tells a story:

roman forum in rome, italy

you may think lola’s all fun & games. i am mostly BUT i do enjoy history quite a bit. i have been to Rome a couple of times and even with a personal guide, still am overwhelmed by all that makes up the Roman Forum. so much history, so many stories. everyone from Jesus to Caesar – even me – walked this cobbled path. truly the center of Rome and, at one time, the whole of the world.

a photo that i’m most proud of (aka, my NationalGeographic shot):

nepali coast in kauai, hawaii

it was easy to catch the beauty of the Nepali Coast at the end of the Waimea Canyon in Kauai, Hawaii. it certainly helped that mother nature decided to give me a rainbow to highlight the beauty of this place. like i said, i don’t think i’m a world-class photographer, so i appreciate a subject that is photogenic!

so, there it is – my 7 Super Shots. this is an area of improvement for me and look forward to learning more about photography at the upcoming travel blogger conference – TBEX. i’m going to tag friends who i know are better about taking photos…their’s are sure to inspire wanting to travel near & far.

Raul of ilivetotravel

Keane of Keane Li

Craig of Stay Adventurous

Kirsten of aviators and a camera

Aaron of  The Adventures of elatlboy


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