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i spy eye candy! – Los Angeles


This week where in the world is lola? picked the EYE CANDY topic of LA because I’m headed there for the weekend to have a glam tour of the ‘CITY OF ANGELS’. It’ll be fun to do up Los Angeles and the Golden State of California like the stars do!

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 9.01.42 AM

Of course I will be staying in swanky style at Sofitel Los Angeles and having drinks and dinner in some of the city’s hot spots. I’m looking forward to getting dolled up for the day by stylists from Fragola and having a fab photo shoot. Discovering more of West Hollywood & Santa Monica will also be a treat BUT the BEST part of all is sharing this weekend with 3 other GLAMOROUS GALS – @JETSETextra, @MrsOAroundWorld and @VanityGirl and this is exactly why it’ll be even more of a delicious EYE CANDY experience!

You can follow our GLAM girlfriend adventures on my InstagramFacebook & Twitter with the hashtag #FourPlayGoLA 

NOW all I need to complete my EYE CANDY dreams is a few star sightings! What’s EYE CANDY about Los Angeles to you?

XO – Lola


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i spy eye candy! – Seattle


This week where in the world is lola? picked the EYE CANDY topic of SEATTLE! I’m SOOOO excited to be featuring the EMERALD CITY as my EYE CANDY because 1) I always wanted to get to Seattle one day AND 2) I’m thrilled that this travel dream is coming true in just over a week. It’s only made THAT MUCH BETTER by the fact that I’ll be seeing great friends!


I CAN’T WAIT to check out Seattle! It looks so stunning in all its photos. Just look at its modern skyline, the gorgeous bay and Mount Rainier…all in one place!! My trip will be a whirlwind tour but I still plan to get a sense of this charming & cool city by checking out some of its various districts and visiting the famous and unanimously favorite to tourists and locals alike, Pike Place. With Seattle’s history so closely tied to Native American Indians, the logging industry and the gold rush, I feel like I’m heading to the Wild West. Given that it’s one of the fastest growing cities in the USA, I feel there’s a BIG chance I’m going to fall in love with it. I’m certainly ready for whatever adventures are in store for Lola!

Now tell me, what’s EYE CANDY about Seattle to you?

XO – Lola


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i spy eye candy! – Montreal

montreal mountie

This week where in the world is lola? picked the EYE CANDY topic of MONTREAL! Why, you ask? Because I’m one lucky gal who’s returning to THE CITY OF 100 STEEPLES this weekend. As I’ve written before, I feel as though Montrealers and Lola are kindred spirits. What’s even better than returning to Montreal? Returning to Montreal with super fun traveling girlfriends.

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 3.13.03 PM

CAN’T WAIT to check out Montreal in the summertime PLUS a new hotel property, have some great meals & cocktails out on the town, take a boat & bike tour AND check out the music fest that is going down right now – Piknic Electronik.

You can follow our girlfriend adventures on my Instagram, Facebook & Twitter with the hashtags #MTLMoments AND #SummerInMtl.

PS – I’ll be traveling with the sexy, funny and sassy @wheretogoAM, @JETSETextra, @turnipseeds & @TheWrldWanderer!!! That REALLY should be EYE CANDY reasons enough to follow us.

NOW all I need to complete my EYE CANDY dreams is getting a Mountie #lolafied! What’s eye candy about Montreal to you?

XO – Lola – Bon Voyage 


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i spy eye candy! – Cabo San Lucas


it’s been a while since  where in the world is lola? has given you EYE CANDY. for shame!! 

since i’m off to MEXICO tomorrow i figured that’s as good excuse as any. after all, Cabo San Lucas is thought of as a sexy spot to visit so why not make it a topic of EYE CANDY?! this isn’t lola’s first rendezvous with Cabo and surely won’t be my last BUT it has been several years and i hear it just keeps getting better down south of the border. here’s what i’m looking forward to…

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 8.30.49 AM

doesn’t that look delicious? here’s my little ditty about CABO, MEXICO!

C is for catamaran cruises waiting to be taken

A is for the amazing Bahia Hotel & Beach Club where i’ll be staying

B is for the beach – on which i cannot wait to relax and have a cocktail to sip

O is for my Orchid Boutique bikini i’m going to wear picked specifically for my Cabo trip 🙂

M is for the many margaritas to make and sample – oh so fine

E is for eager to try stand up paddle boarding for the first time

X is for X-cited to be visiting when the Los Cabos Open of Surf competition is going on!

I is for i will get my summer tan going – it’s been too long since i’ve been in the sun

C is for the company i’ll keep with my gal pals Leah Travels, Jetset Extra & Mrs. O Around the World

O is for OH what fun we are going to have – follow #FourPlayMex on Twitter to see how we like to travel as girls

where are you heading this summer? what eye candy are you hoping to get a bite of? let me know!

XO – lola


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i spy eye candy! – New York

This week where in the world is lola? picked the EYE CANDY topic of the NEW YORK CITY! once upon a time, lola actually lived in the ole BIG APPLE and had a great time there. now it’s just a place i enjoy visiting a few times a year. i’m so glad i once called myself a New Yorker but i prefer to just be a tourist these days. there is something so thrilling about NYC. it’s like everything is on high-speed. it’s definitely a city full of all kinds of EYE CANDY be that fabulous hotels, amazing restaurants, rich culture or burgeoning fashion trends.

and, from the looks of it, i will be returning to the CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS in October to celebrate one of my favorite girlfriend’s birthdays. CAN’T WAIT to check out a new hotel property, have a great meal & cocktails out on the town and maybe pick up a favorite new fashion find.

have you been to NYC? what’s eye candy about the Big Apple to you? let me know!

XO – lola – in a NY state of mind


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