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flirty fun in France & Monaco

lolafication if you follow my blog you know that lola has a certain je ne sais quoi. let me be clear, my time in France and Monaco proved they too were willing to be influenced by the lola factor. those along the Riviera were quite … Continue reading


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Monaco DO & Monaco DON’T

when i think of Monaco, i think glitz, glam, royalty and James Bond while i found the little city-state clean & pretty, i also found it feeling quite manufactured & fake. february is low-season and i am sure Monaco is more exciting when it’s high-season BUT, even still, Monaco was a … Continue reading


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bon anniversaire ala France et Monaco

birthday fun – vive la lola! lola got birthday treats all trip long. from a macaroon cake & wine at the Four Seasons Provence to champagne at Villa Gallici! i was treated like quite the b-day gal. on my actual birthday in Monaco i was … Continue reading

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why i heart to pack

the boa is going international this week! look out France & Monaco!! even though these destinations sound glitzy (and they are) i love to pack even if it’s just to go overnight to New Hampshire. a getaway is often an … Continue reading


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