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My Year in Travel – 2013

This year was a great year of travel for me, hitting some brand new destinations and revisiting some of my old favorites. BUT, for me, the VERY BEST thing about this year in travel are all the wonderful people who I met or was reunited with in various locations around the world. My travels wouldn’t be anything without the people on my journey.

photo 5-2

January saw me in NYC and meeting friends old and new – who knew how important they’d all become in my life over the course of this year. I count my blessings for you.



In January I also skied in Verbier, Switzerland and absolutely loved my time with the legendary Warren Smith. I truly hope to see him again in 2014.


Rounding out January, I went to Copenhagen for the very first time and got to reconnect with a travel friend, Christoffer. I loved the cool capital city of Denmark.

photo 3  photo 2

February saw me catching up with a dear travel buddy, Anita, in Montreal, Canada for the very first time. We had a ball doing all kinds of wintery fun things like staying in an Ice Hotel and going to Igloofest.

841259_10151235633846601_1738422880_o  igloofest-2013-with-lola

March was my month for Barcelona & Costa Brava, Spain. I was thrilled to meet up with a fellow traveler, Brian, in Barcelona and was lucky enough to see him again in London in November.

photo 1-1  photo 2-1

Going to Costa Brava was an incredible experience. I love that area of Spain and really cannot get enough, especially of the coast. But, the people on this trip really made it the very best. I can’t imagine a more fun press trip.

    photo 3-1  261302_10151487896017239_122331404_n

April found me in back in NYC. I always love my NYC trips because I get to catch up with very special friends like Jeff & Craig – 2 of my favorites!!

photo 4-1


May saw me in my favorite, Miami. I cannot get enough of this city. While I had my usual fun of beach, pool, dinner, drinks and dancing, I particularly enjoyed working with the fantastic luxe swimwear company, Orchid Boutique, during this trip. Talk about a great collection as well as a staff of kindred spirits!

    photo 5-1  971831_468851856535051_1409297766_n

June was an incredible month chalked full of fun things. Kicking off in Toronto for a conference with so many of my favorite fellow travelers, I actually wonder if we’ll ever be able to beat our #RWTBEX time here. I love you all so much!

         photo 5 copy  1390651_839661210490_1835445924_n

I also got to spend a bit of time with one of my most lovely traveling partners, Mrs. O, Ana. I was able to show her a bit of Americana in the amazing seaside town of Newport, Rhode Island. We had a ball doing Newport the luxe way.

             954643_509536599133243_748824070_n  photo 1-12

Wrapping up my June, I had an incredible visit to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. What a great girls weekend we had there and our host, the Bahia Hotel and Carlos, made my trip 100% amazing. Cannot wait to return.

      1052757_675038515846666_38249459_o-1  photo 2-9  1016160_489353757818194_125834310_n

July found me back in Euroland – one of Lola’s favorites. Although, this was a “repeat” journey of sorts, I did manage to do a few new things. One of which was going to the Henley Royal Regatta.


Post-UK was a return visit to Prague and Budapest. Two of my favorites that I’ve never visited in the summertime. Absolutely stunning! So was hanging out with friends made on a previous trip. Always nice to share a beer with good people.

     photo 3-4  Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 8.25.58 PM  photo 4-2

August took me back to Montreal once again and NYC. This trip was extra special because of the time well spent with lifelong friends and a last visit with a friend that would soon depart. Anita, Montreal will always make me think of you fondly. I love you and that city so much.



September took me to two cities I wanted to know better. First was Seattle with my newly found soul mate, Erin. There is nowhere I wouldn’t go with this girl. And we both wanted to celebrate happy moments, like our dear friends, Captain & Clark’s wedding!

        1385658_836915862190_1444404729_n  photo 2-3  photo 1-3

Toward the end of September, Erin and I were reunited again in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. I like to think of it as the city of sisterly love! We had a blast discovering different neighborhoods of Philly & laughing with each other all the while.

  photo 3-3  photo 4-3

October I was lucky enough to be reunited with 2 of my favorite traveling partners again, Ana & Mary Anne along with Mary Anne’s BFF Maxine, for a GLAM LA girls weekend.

  photo 1-2  photo 5-3

November was a busy fun month with a visit back to the UK for a conference and reconnecting with so many fun friends from around the world. I’m so glad our paths cross from time to time.

     1453522_635483179852993_1281758875_n  BYWKrKEIQAEhnn7  1385407_517352441693332_897159866_n

Followed up by a quick jaunt to France and Amsterdam for more girlfriend fun. I wouldn’t choose to travel any other way. Traveling with Ashley, Ana & Mary Anne was the very best.

     photo 2-2  photo 3-2  photo 4-2

And I managed to squeeze in a last minute trip back to NYC with my girlfriends and once again be reunited with some of my favorite people.

    1473060_565693536850882_288125293_n  942731_632191416791742_129447_n  1468759_456040737840106_609742148_n

In December I finished off my year of travel back in Miami to celebrate Erin’s birthday. I cannot think of a better place to end my year. It is my happy spot and it was made so much better being there, laughing and enjoying life, with two of my travel besties, Erin & Esther.

    996101_853046566002_965791577_n  photo 2-8  photo 1-9

Maybe you see some common themes in my travels. Repeat places, repeat friends, repeated silliness and smiles. Traveling is my lifeline and a huge part of my heart as are all the people I meet along the way. My world is better for all of you. Here’s to many more reunions on the road and good times ahead in 2014! Happy travels…

XO – Lola


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The Great Escape – Copenhagen, Denmark Edition


Welcome to Copenhagen, Denmark – capital of the happiest country in the world

Well, apparently not anymore but it was the reason I wanted to go. Who wouldn’t want to know the happiest country on earth?!  

There are many words that are synonymous with Copenhagen these days. Architecture. Design. Foodie. Cool. What I find fascinating about Copenhagen is that it’s on SO MANY people’s TO-DO lists but so few have been YET. I managed to tack it onto a trip to Europe by adding a few extra days to explore and I’m so glad I made it a ‘Great Escape’.


Copenhagen is a compact city that is super easy to navigate. In fact, more than 50% of Copenhageners commute by bike. Awesome – right?! It’s got everything you want in a big city – culture, shopping, gastronomy – yet you’ll never feel overwhelmed here. The vibe that is Copenhagen is laid-back, open-minded, cutting-edge & cosmopolitan. Definitely all the makings of a VERY Lola Approved destination.




Unless you are a complete foodie or really “in the know”, you may not realize the TOP RESTAURANT in the world for 3 years running is in Copenhagen. Well, I didn’t know that’s for sure. noma, a 2 Michelin starred restaurant, was at the forefront of the Danish food movement known as ‘New Nordic Kitchen”. What is that? It’s the reinvention of Nordic cuisine taking fresh, local ingredients and mixing that with gastronomic diversity instead of looking abroad for influences. AND clearly it’s been a WINNER. Pssst though…the head chef of noma is starting a new venture in mid-summer.

Manfreds & Vin

manfreds & vin

Manfreds & Vin is a hotspot amongst the hipster locals serving everyday rustic food with quality ingredients. The force behind the restaurant is none other than the team from Relæ, another famous 1 Michelin star Copenhagen restaurant started by two alumni of noma fame. Both Manfreds & Vin and Relæ are located on Jaegersborgadd, an up-and-coming address.

I particularly enjoyed the tasting menu for dinner with wine pairings. Manfreds & Vin is Copenhagen’s first natural wine bar. How cool! Serving small plates of in-season organic roots & vegetables as well as organically raised meats like lamb and pig. The herbs and sauces couldn’t have complimented the courses any better. AND it was a hopping little spot. Definitely a see and be seen affair.

royal celebration


Copenhagen has been experiencing a gourmet burger movement over the past few years and offers several different options for places to get your next BEST burger. Halifax is one of the top places frequented by locals, offering a big selection of exotic burgers inspired by different parts of the world. Sounds delicious!


Wine Bar

photo 2-2

Lola was lucky enough to have a local Copenhagener to show me some of the top spots for drinks. Bibendum is one of Copenhagen’s best wine bars located in a cosy, rustic cellar on trendy Nansensgade. We enjoyed a delicious Italian red amongst locals but with over 30 selections of wines almost any wino would be happy!

Champagne Bar

copenhagen cocktails

Balthazar, located at Hotel d’Angleterre – which will reopen in May 2013, is Denmark’s first champagne bar. Offering a selection of more than 200 champagnes, Balthazar is the place to start a party. Plus, you can enjoy tapas, caviar service and live DJ’s on weekends.

Hand-crafted Cocktail Bars

photo 1-10


Now for my favorite of drink finds, Salon 39 and 1105. Lola has a love for the hand-crafted cocktail and these two places did not let me down. Salon 39 had a FAB cocktail menu. I tried the Cowboy Negroni because I’m currently having a love affair with the Negroni cocktail. It was the VERY BEST Negroni I’ve had to date. BUT this wasn’t the cocktail winner. Corporate Stooge gets the prize here. Made with Fighting Cock, D.O.M. Benedictine, Maple Syrup, Orange Curacao & Celery Bitters, it was tasty but its presentation is really the bomb! Corporate Stooge is served in a hip flask hidden inside a book – how fun is that??!

My final cocktail in cool Copenhagen was partaken at 1105. The mixmaster behind the bar whipped up something special called ‘Unfaithful’ – a classic cocktail with licorice, which is quite popular in Denmark. Listed on Condé Nast Traveler’s exclusive list of the trendiest, international bars, 1105 is a stylish spot that makes you feel instantly welcome. The name of the game here is classic drinks skillfully crafted with top-quality ingredients.



ibsens hotel

Ibsens is where fresh, funky and functional intersect. This 3-star, 118 room hotel had so much to offer in terms of comfort and culture for Copenhagen. Located on Nansensgade, which is known with Danes to be the very essence of ‘Nordic Cool’ – the hipsters hang out here. There aren’t any well-known brands or chain stores only charming cafes, original designers, art galleries and second-hand book shops. What’s truly amazing about Ibsens is that they’ve brought this spirit inside their property. Everything from room key chains, pillows & tables, even books & records are brought in by local designers! Ibsens is so completely HIP – they are the first hotel to accept artmoney as a form of payment. (more about this below) Other awesome features of Ibsens is their breakfast bar with healthy organic sandwiches and breakfast in a glass concept as well as their daily wine hour. Whether you are a solo traveler or with others, this is such a fantastic way to socialize with the staff and other guests. Bottom line, if you are looking for the essence of what is Copenhagen, Ibsens is the place for you.

Hotel Kong Arthur


Situated between the inner lakes of Copenhagen and nearby buzzing downtown, the 4-star luxury Hotel Kong Arthur offers you a cozy, informal atmosphere to relax and rest your head. The 155 room property feels much more like a little village within the city. As soon as you step inside the oasis of Kong Arthur you will be treated with warm hospitality and a homey feeling will welcome you. A completely forward thinking hotel, Kong Arthur is a part of the world’s first CO2 neutral hotel chain. Other property features are Copenhagen’s biggest spa, Ni’mat, as well as 3 restaurant offerings and high-quality conference facilities. For the business or leisure traveler alike, Hotel Kong Arthur will cover all your needs.



Hotel d’Angleterre, the oldest hotel in Denmark built in 1755, is wrapping up the most ambitious restoration in Danish hotel history. Scheduled to reopen its doors May 2013, this Leading Hotels of the World property has a long-standing history as the ultimate in luxury properties. When d’Angleterre reopens it will house 90 rooms with the latest & greatest of everything. Refurbished function rooms and a brand new spa/fitness center will keep its history going strong as a place to welcome the worlds’ dignitaries, heads of state and celebrities.


Canal Tour

canal tour

Even on an icy cold January day the Canal Tours Copenhagen was one of the best ways to see Copenhagen. I always say if a city is surrounded by water, you have to get out on it to see the city from another prospective. So much of Copenhagen’s history is steeped in maritime stories of trade and defense from this vantage point. The tour takes you through old & new Copenhagen, traveling by way of narrow idyllic canals and visiting some of the most important buildings in the capital city.

Design Museum

designmuseum denmark

To get a real sense of Denmark, a visit to the Designmuseum Denmark might be in order. Danish design has been hailed from all over the world for its timeless simplicity, quality & functionality. Designmuseum Denmark is the perfect place to gain an understanding into how design and society influence one another bringing together the themes of Danish furniture, design and architecture.



StrØget is Copenhagen’s largest shopping area and incidentally Europe’s longest pedestrian street. Running through the heart of central Copenhagen, StrØget is the premier shopping street with something for everyone. As you branch off StrØget, you can find other Danish fashion all over the city. Located in the GrØnnegade Quarter are many independent designers so if you’re looking for the next hot thing to come out of Scandinavia this is the place for you. In the Latin Quarter are cheaper hipster stores – both new and second-hand.


Torvehallerne food market is situated at Israels Plads, the location of Copenhagen’s market place since 1889. With over 80 shops, you can find local vegetables, Danish delicacies, fresh fish, the list goes on. Not only is it a delight for your stomach but your eyes too. Don’t miss out on stopping by this gorgeous place for a meal or a quick treat.

A note of thanks to Brochner Hotels for giving me an excellent press rate at their lovely Ibsens Hotel. I’d gladly stay there full boat!

And to VisitCopenhagen for steering me in the right direction on everything and for the Copenhagen Card, which allowed me free access to transport, the Canal Tours Copenhagen, museums and many other discounts.

My visit to Copenhagen made me very happy. So cheers to you, happy little country! If I didn’t ‘Lola Approve’ it I’d say otherwise. The views here are mine, TAK!

artmoney is an original, handmade, unique work of art by registered artmoney artists. The value of artmoney is 200 DK and can be used to purchase goods or services in artmoney shops all over the world. To learn more or to purchase artmoney pictures go to



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