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Six Discoveries about Jamaica

Aruba, Jamaica oooh I wanna take you… You know how the song goes. I wanna take you on a little quick trip to Jamaica with me. I love the Caribbean and decided this year I needed to see a bit … Continue reading


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Best Traveled Dress

I travel a lot. And I’m often asked about travel essentials and how and what I choose to pack. There are few staples depending upon the climate but there is one standout dress that seems to accompany me almost everywhere … Continue reading


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What’s so Luxurious about a Luxury Caribbean Vacation?

  It’s likely to be a question you have asked, just as you will have questioned whether all-inclusive holidays really provide value for money. What makes a luxury vacation in the Caribbean so special? Would there be a discernible difference … Continue reading


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It’s #Movember – That Means Mustaches & #ManlyMoments

BIG SURPRISE that Lola can get behind mustaches… you know my love of wearing faux ones around the world. I’ve even got my friends wearing them because being ‘stachey is FUN!! But in all seriousness, November and #Movember are important! It’s … Continue reading


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5 Caribbean Islands Worth the Visit

Sometimes the lesser known Caribbean Islands are the real hidden jewels “Aruba, Jamaica, ooo I wanna take ya, Bermuda, Bahama…” We all know the lyrics to the classic Beach Boys tune, “Kokomo,” — and the islands that they are singing … Continue reading


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