cambodia starts with the letter P


i know what you are thinking… either there’s a silent P in the word Cambodia or lola has lost it and no longer knows how to spell! there’s NO silent P. the ‘lost it’ part, well, the world can be my judge!

when i reflected on so much of what i saw and learned in my two and half weeks in Cambodia many of the adjectives and objects, as it turned out, began with the letter P. of course there are plenty of other words that describe this fascinating and wonderful place too.

here are some P Cambodia words:

PHNOM PENH – the capital city of Cambodia.

POOLS – little sanctuaries of water can be found throughout the country.

PASSION FRUIT – found in cocktails, smoothies and salads everywhere.

PAJAMAS – not just for nighttime! pajamas are a daytime fashion statement in Cambodia.

PRAYERS – incense & candles burning everywhere for the spirits that have passed on.

PIGS – crossing roads, hanging from street carts, served as an offering to ancients in prayer for rain.

PEACEFUL – quiet soft-spoken people. buddhist monks are everywhere in Cambodia.

PHOTOGENIC – beautiful people with gorgeous smiles who enjoy having their photo taken.

POSITIVITY – despite their difficult past and slow path forward, people have an overall positive attitude.

PEDICURES – fish pedicures are a common practice in Cambodia.

POOR – people are living in poverty.

PRETTY – once you get over the culture shock you can see through the differences in lifestyle and find the beauty. the beauty of the thatched roofed houses and hammocks swinging. the painted cement block houses. the brightly colored scooters. the multiple different tuk tuks. the store front after store front offering the same things that suddenly become pretty.

POLLUTED – not only are there trash pollution problems but the trucks and scooters everywhere burning god knows what kind of gas certainly doesn’t help with air quality.

PALACES – from the royal palace in Phnom Penh to the temples of Siem Reap, there is beautiful architecture everywhere in Cambodia.

PALM TREES – it is tropical, let’s not forget, and this added bonus only made lola love Cambodia more.

PENANG CHICKEN – a meal i frequently had & loved while in Cambodia – yum.

PEOPLE – people everywhere. sprinkling the streets, sidewalks, country roads. sitting in their thatched houses – smiling & waving back at you.


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  1. What a creative way to cast light to some of the best and worst things about Cambodia. It is clear that this trip meant to much to you. I would love to go one day
    @mrsoaroundworld recently posted…Genova, Italy – more than focaccia and pestoMy Profile

    • thanks Mrs. O. i think this trip may have changed my life in more ways than i even yet know. i definitely want to make Habitat for Humanity a priority for myself every year. i feel so fortunate & i want to be able to help the less fortunate in a positive way.

  2. I love this–super clever and catchy. I had no idea that Cambodia started with the letter P….and my parents visited last year and they had a fabulous time in AW!–It’s definitely on my bucket list.
    Charu recently posted…In SoHo, a Forgotten French Pastry Gets a Second LookMy Profile

    • you have to go Charu. i hope i get to go back. there is so much to see in Asia that i might not be able to return. the people are so lovely there.

  3. I almost thought you missed poverty but see you caught it. It makes me sad because we get to enjoy all the good Ps and they still live in poverty and pollution.
    Ayngelina recently posted…Faces of Crow FairMy Profile

  4. The poverty makes me sad, but the pajamas make me laugh. I could live in a place where pjs were acceptable during the day…in public. 😉
    Leah Travels recently posted…Time to Stop my Luxe Ways?My Profile

  5. Love the concept of this post. You should do that with other cities as well, maybe go through the whole alphabet!

    Larissa @ Changes In Longitude recently posted…Free things to do in BangkokMy Profile

  6. I would add pineapple to the list. I became addicted to any dish with fresh pineapple in it. Loved the photos.
    Traveling Ted recently posted…Mini slot canyon in Zion National ParkMy Profile

    • thanks so much Ted. it’s funny, the pineapple trend must have died because it wasn’t something i ever noticed. i bet it was good…better than the passion fruit.

  7. Well, this post made me quite plaintive. You know how hearing about Cambodia makes me feel. 🙁 I will get there one day, I just know it. 🙂 Reminds me a lot of Vietnam! Did you get a fish pedicure?!

    • i did get a fish pedi. it was weird to me.

      i want to go to Vietnam next. happy to hear that Cambodia reminds you of it. i think i’ll love Vietnam!

  8. mmmm…Penang Chicken:)
    D.J. – The World of Deej recently posted…The View of Lombard Street – Pic of the WeekMy Profile

  9. please tell us more about this fish pedicure. and also, we’re with leah: any country where pajamas are encouraged 24 hours a day is ok by us.
    the lazy travelers recently posted…no travel required (/allowed)My Profile

    • hahaha oh boy. the pajamas thing is a bit bizarre, i know you’d agree if you saw it yourself.

      fish pedicures…they are weird too. people really love them but i thought it was a little freaky!

  10. Cute post! I like your creative to list all the memorable things about Cambodia.
    By the way, we will know Lola has lost it if pink disappears from this site. Until then – no worries… 😀 😉
    Pola (@jettingaround) recently posted…Photo of the Week: A Parisian caféMy Profile

  11. Poverty and pollution weren’t my favorite P’s in Cambodia either. But LOVE the people and fish pedis!
    Kieu recently posted…Kyoto Temples in Brown, Orange and GoldMy Profile

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