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Sexy and the City

I heart Sexy City Travel, do you? I return to all 3 of these cities again and again. I’d love to hear which cities are your Sexy Travel Spots. Here are my top three Sexy Cities.


photo 2-12

I love Paris. I always have. The people look as delicious as the food and wine! It’s a romantic city but it’s also a sexy city. There is top everything from see and be seen shops, hotels, restaurants and clubs. But, you don’t have to be in the know to get the sexy vibe there. You could just be sitting at a cafe watching the world go by eating French onion soup and drinking a little vin. The French language is sexy. The French women and men are sexy. The French ophthalmologist shops are sexy. French artists make sexy French art. Famous writers from around the world wrote about sexy times in Paris. It’s indisputable.

New York City

photo 1-14

Well, they did make a show about ‘sex’ in this city after all! New York is sexy for many of the same reasons as Paris. I wouldn’t say New York is romantic but it is a fast paced place where there’s always something exciting going on. Again, the people watching is incredible. It’s edgy and fun and that makes it sexy to me. It’s a bit of a rebellious city. Like the sexy rock star! You never know what or who you’re going to see when you step onto the streets of New York. This is one exciting and very alive city. You can feel its energy pulsing at any given hour practically anywhere.

Miami Beach

photo 3-11

Now this city, to me, is the most sexy of the three. It just feels more exotic. The chill international vibe. The swanky sporty cars and scantily clad people. Sex is literally in the air in Miami. That suntan oil summertime smell and lounge music drifting all around. I mean the sand and ocean tend to make you think of sexy things, am I right? Lots of sun-kissed skin. But even the dinners, drinks and dancing is sexier in Miami. That must be why I love it so much.

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3 Euro Escapes for Less

photo 2-3


England’s capital city is notoriously expensive but you can find ways to spend less. For starters, travel in months other than June through August, when it’s most costly to travel there. Taking the train is an affordable option from most EU locations and if you opt to fly, be sure to try each of London’s 3 airports because one may be cheaper than the others. Once in London, money-saving options range from using the Oyster Card or Travel Card for train discounts and the London Pass for savings on attractions & restaurants. You can also find better deals on accommodation if you opt to stay further away from tourist attractions in areas such as Camden & Hammersmith.



For the lucky inhabitants of the United Kingdom, Paris is one of the more popular destinations. This isn’t just because of the proximity and ease of access from the UK (2 hours by Eurostar train) but also because of the food, wine, culture and architecture. Traveling to Paris in the wintertime is often cheaper as travel companies don’t hike up their prices like during the school holidays. Searching sites like Holiday Discount Centre for deals in Paris is good place to start because, no matter the season – let’s be honest, Paris is always a good idea! Other ways to save while in the City of Light are using the excellent metro system over taxis and planning your museum visits on the first Sunday of the month when they offer free admission.

photo 1-3


One of my favorite cheap Euro escapes is Budapest. I hope this great city always remains less expensive but, alas, I have a feeling things are going to change. For now, you can get to Budapest rather cheaply within Europe and stay at a nice place for not a lot of money. Obviously, the farther away from the Danube the less expensive. Excellent dining out in Budapest can also be inexpensive. For instance, eating in the Jewish Quarter cost me $12 for a BIG meal and wine – amazing right?! Using Budapest’s mass transit will also save you money and consider getting a Budapest Card to save on public transport and attractions.

I could go on but you get the idea. Traveling to Europe or within it doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you do your homework and time your trip correctly with the shoulder or low seasons. So, go on, get going!



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livin’ la vida expat – my expat life

they say i’m a dreamer – but i’m not the only one (John Lennon)

lola is always the dreamer

soon i’ll be embarking on my longest time away from home in a LONG LONG TIME. i feel this time away will be like a small taste of living the life of an expat. this is something i’ve always dreamt of doing AND, while i think the dream is still a possibility, it DEFINITELY won’t be quite the way lola envisions it. let me tell you why!

in l0la’s dream expat life, i don’t need to work. i can just flit about traveling here and there from my home base. i can shop all the latest & greatest fashions. AND i can eat & drink everything and not gain a pound.

[READ] yeah…that month away in August/September without working out & eating everything in sight. YEP, i’m a good 10 pounds overweight right now.

i can stay up til all hours of the night & still function like i’m 20 the next day.

[READ] tried this, too, in August/September. it’s no longer working. this body needs it’s beauty sleep!! SHUT UP and let me call it that!

anywho… it’s my dream! AND in my expat dream, i will live in PARIS!

i know the first you are thinking is how on earth could lola afford such an extravagant expat life? is she an heiress of some kind or did she win the lotto? she always jokes about needing a sugar daddy so maybe she finally found herself one or perhaps 2! surely this lifestyle would require a couple!!

no matter the details of how i have my small fortune that keeps me traveling on without a care in the world. i suppose i should consider an international bank account to put money into so i can get my hands on it from anywhere. that should make things easier for my trustee too. goodness knows dealing with me isn’t always an easy job. just ask my sugar daddies 😉

BUT i digress, i know living in Paris might be nightmare for some people but for me it seems like a dream come true. (i’m SO excited that i will have over a week in Paris in one month’s time. Cinderella moment for sure!)

what would lola do in Paris…well, i referred to things i will do on my Eurotour BUT as an EXPAT, well, that would be another thing.

like i said, i would make Paris my home base and would certainly explore other parts of France that have LONG been a dream of mine! like the Champagne region – because, well, i wanna go where the birth of the bubbly began! AND i’ve always wanted to see Mont Saint Michel with my own eyes. then there’s the French Riviera. yes, i’ve driven that gorgeous coastline but haven’t done the whole yacht/beach/party scene and that is something lola should do in her lifetime.

then there’s all the other FAB countries in the EU waiting for a visit from moi. of course, i’d be doing a few repeats BUT there are many that i’ve never visited waiting to be ticked off my to-do list. LIKE Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden & Croatia – just to name a few!

can you imagine all the wine, cheese & chocolate i’d be eating?! it would be fantastic and i would still look super model skinny-ISH 😉 AND what of all the shopping i could do?!?! i’d have to use steamer trunks to get it all home after my stint of expat life.

BUT alas, this is just a dream – not reality & i must wake up and get ready for my real little expat tour next month. be on the lookout – your princess is on her way, petit prince!

bonjour! XO – lola


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Bon chance a Paris: temptations for lola!

today, i’m delighted to share a guest post here on ‘where in the world is lola?’ written by one of my dear friends & supporters, Raul, from I Live to Travel. bonded by our love of travel & adventure, Raul and lola have had the pleasure of meeting up on 3 occasions so far. i love Raul so much for thinking of me while in Paris recently! he knows me too well – having figured out all the things that will lead to temptation for me. i hope you enjoy his punch list and that you pop over and check out his great blog with stories & stunning photos from all over the world.

Raul’s Parisian must-do’s and don’ts

I recently spent 36 hours in Paris, a place I have lived in before and enjoyed visiting thereafter.  Every time I go is like going home.  But this time, I felt a certain level of responsibility to scope out the City of Light in new ways as I knew Lola and Leah will be hitting it later this year as part of their Go With Oh experience.  In particular, I was thinking of the crazy fun Lola can get involved with in a city like Paris.  And, all over, I kept seeing things that I wanted to share with her.  So I decided to put in writing my advice for Lola as she hits Paris, with Leah and the boa, of course.

We know Lola loves Miami Beach and, while Paris and South Beach are like chapters in different books, Paris does have some Miami Beach at this store in the St. Germain area.  I make no promises and given she is going in November, she should expect no sun or warmth.  But if Lola feels homesick, I want her to know there is some Miami Beach in Paris – just break the glass in case of an emergency. Blame the boa if caught.

Not that Lola has to watch her figure (even if she did, would I so much as hint at that, that friendly boa would strangle me next time we meet; that boa has a teeeeemper!) but Lola may want to consider not going crazy on these…

Or these…

Or these…

Though she should feel free to buy me a box of champagne truffles whilst there…  For example, from Maison du Chocolat.  Many locations available all over town AND at the airport…

Mind you, if Lola does choose to indulge, I would recommend avoiding over-priced and way over-touristed Angelina’s and Ladurée (much as they have good stuff!) and find some off-the-beaten path places like Un Dimanche a Paris

If Lola wants to indulge but feel she is being healthy (so the boa doesn’t criticize her), I found the perfect spot for her:  Relais Gascon, right between the Pigalle and Sacre Couer (metro station Abbesses).  The salads are what you want to go for.  These are no ordinary salads and they are huge!  Loaded with fried potatoes with garlic, you can choose between several different ones.  I highly recommend the one with prosciutto, bacon, olives, green, and a fried egg!  But do avoid drinking that entire wine carafe by yourself, Lola.  I did it with headache results the next day.  Though Lola is surely tougher than me with beverages, I am sure…

The Pigalle area in Paris is known for being seedy yet it draws tourists like crazy.  Also, it is right next to the Montmartre area which means you almost have to go through it if you want to visit Sacre Couer and Montmartre (guilt-liberating rationale provided free of charge; please accompany words of thanks with euros).

The Pigalle’s most famous site is the Moulin Rouge, made even more famous after the movie starring Nicole Kidman.

People probably think she is there all the time but I know she only works there one night per month and it wasn’t when I was there so I skipped going in.  But I digress.

Lola, we all know, (or if you don’t yet, you will find out quickly when you meet Lola; something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime, IMHO) likes to have fun.  Now the Pigalle may or may not be where one ought to look for fun or, at least, one may want to be selective as to what fun to indulge in.  Lola, I did want to help you figure what’s what in the Pigalle and what is available there.

1.  If you need to buy toys for kids you know, this place may be good to check out.  I didn’t go it to check the selection but now at least you know there is a toy store and since it is a palace, they are bound to have a great variety of toys to choose from.

2.  The next place can be confusing for an American since it has French words in its marquee but, lucky you, I am semi-fluent in French.  It says Love Store but the French words say that it is a center for advice on love so I don’t think it is anything shady.  Lola may already know love but I figured that it can never hurt to consult with a professional on love matters.  I was rushing back to my hotel and didn’t have time to do a session but just let me know if they were helpful.  (P.S. – I don’t know what those mannequins are supposed to mean but maybe it is a half-finished setup.)

3.  Now somewhere in front of the Moulin Rouge, there is a massive vent from the metro system that goes right under it.  As you can see women get on it, then get cold feet (pardon the pun).  I say go for it with the boa.  And go full blast!  (P.S. – Leah takes AWESOME pix; just check out her blog and see for yourself www.leahtravels.com )

4.  Lola, now I have so far given you advice on what you may want to look into in the Pigalle but this next one is really one of where not to go in.  You know the prior ones are safe but this one is clearly different.  I warn you because you ARE a diva and the name of the place would seem to be geared to appeal to divas – like a diva sorority house in Paris, you know?  But apparently, it is a place where guys stand on tables and do dances for lowly women.  International men.  That means hairy and probably smelly.  Stay away.  But, surely, you can at least have a picture taken in that pose in front of the place.  Your blog readers would love to see it.  It is the least you can do after all the great advice I have given you 🙂

Bon chance a Paris!!!!

thanks for the great tips, Raul! i will definitely be doing my best Marilyn Monroe over that metro vent to be sure! the temptation for overindulgence in eclairs, chocolate croissants & cheese is a REAL possibility. no one likes a chubby lola! AND i’m thinking all those “toy stores” and “love advice” places might actually be something altogether else 😉 you will DEFINITELY be getting some treats from Maison du Chocolat!

Raul, je vous adore! XO – lola

I Live to Travel – Raul has been traveling internationally for pleasure,  business or “for good” for over 20 years having visited over 50 countries in 6 continents & counting. His blog reflects his passion to experience the undiscovered world around him. Chocolate and wine aficionado too!

LOLA ♥s I Live to Travel because he’s my official bodyguard, shoo-flyer & purse holder, that, & he takes lovely travel photos!


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I Want to Go with Oh to Paris

Paris with a twist, that is!

I am lucky enough to have visited Paris three times in my life.  It is the first place that brought tears to my eyes upon arriving and is one of my most favorite cities. I feel as though I have a connection with Paris, like Lola must have lived there in a past life. Whenever I’m asked if I could live anywhere abroad for a year or two, Paris is always the city that comes to my mind. Why? Oh, a lot of the same reasons many people are enamored with Paris.  It’s beautiful. It’s delicious. It’s sexy. It’s fashionable. It’s diverse. It’s romantic. It’s alive.  I adore the French language and would truly love to speak it without making a faux pas. And, not to toot my own horn, but in February during a visit to the South of France, the French were quite fond of Lola.

soaring light

Tour de Eiffel

Despite having done the Parisian touristy thing a few times, Lola would still choose to Go with Oh to Paris and bring my fun-loving spirit to the “City of Light”. Of course, I will stroll the streets, taking in the sights and enjoy wonderful French meals as well as divine wines and cocktails.  Those are givens on my wish list.  However, I would like to DO Paris differently than one might imagine. So, using some of my favorite films with ties to Paris as inspiration, this is what my oh-so-chic Parisian itinerary would be.


A quote from Sabrina with a Lola spin…

Once upon a time, on the north shore of Massachusetts, not far away from Boston, there was a nice Victorian house on a hill where there lived a family by the name of DiMarco. There were NO servants inside or outside the house, nor boatmen and gardeners, not even a single tennis or swimming pool specialist in sight. NOT even a chauffeur, but there was  woman named Lola who wished she had some of these luxuries, because in Lola’s mind, she should be a wealthy heiress with loads of hired help and could jet off anywhere at any time.  BUT, since that’s not reality, instead Lola will enter a blogging contest in hopes of being the lucky winner of a month-long stay in Europe.

Luxembourg Palace

Luxembourg Palace

Just like Sabrina, Lola’s first wish is to be shipped off to Paris to work with Vogue magazine.  Lola won’t be a photographer’s assistant though. Lola will be the subject of the photo shoot on location at Palais du Luxembourg for a day.  Do you know this beautiful place? It’s a palace built by Queen Maria de’ Medici at the beginning of the 17th century. The surrounding gardens are divine and a parfait place for my photo ops!  Now, you may be wondering what on earth Lola might wear when having this tres magnifique photo shoot. Entre wish number deux.  Luckily, Lola is invited to attend a Paris Fashion Week event featuring some of the most prestigious designers.

The Devil Wears Prada

Since Lola is a travel writer and aspiring journalist like the character Andrea in The Devil Wears Prada, it makes perfect sense that I should attend a Fashion Week event in Paris.  I will write many a witty post describing the sassy stylings of all the fab designers and about the muses from around the world that don these lines.  I’ll be interviewing the models and designers to discover why they adore Paris and its fashion scene.  Unlike Andrea’s plain character turned trendy, Lola already is a fashion maven, so naturally, we all become friends.

en vogue, lola

Upon hearing about my upcoming Vogue gig, the designers plead with me to wear some of their hottest new designs for my photo shoot.  I tour the designers’ studios and discover where they create their most fashion-forward frocks and fabulous haute couture. I’m treated to an unbelievable day of pampering and then glamorously styled for my photo shoot. Alas, after a couple of days of walking on supermodel air, Lola needs to come back down to earth and dive into some history. Since I’m making my way into the travel-writing world, you know I love the great authors of the past. Oh, how they must have enjoyed Paris’ heyday.

Cafe de Flore

Cafe de Flore

Midnight in Paris

My third wish would be to step back into time just as Gil Pender did every night in the film Midnight in Paris. Since this isn’t really possible, unfortunately, I’ll have to settle for a coffee and cocktail crawl to famous authors and artists’ haunts of a bygone era.  I will have my café au lait at Café de Flore and drink absinthe at La Closerie des Lilas.  In my imagination, I am pursued by Picasso as a love interest while sipping on coffee at Les Deux Magots and I’ll have lengthy chats at La Rotonde with F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway about becoming a better writer.  It will be fascinating to retrace some of the famous stomping grounds of Toulouse-Lautrec, Gauguin and Degas.  Energized by the engaging conversations and loads of coffee, I will have the vitalité to revive one of my talents and kick up my heels at Moulin Rouge.

colours of fun

the infamous Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

This shouldn’t be a huge stretch – Lola was made for the stage.  And, I wasn’t joking about the dance routines either.  Back in the day, Lola was on the school dance squad doing synchronized high-kick routines during halftime of the football game.  Can you believe it?!  Throw in my boa and BAM, you have a Moulin Rouge moment.  Let me be clear, I’m not suggesting that Lola take on the starring role of Satine by any stretch.  I really cannot sing, so let’s cast me in a supporting role.

woot! high-kicking it!!

Wish number four is to spend a day learning a high-kick dance number and get all dolled up Belle Époque cabaret-style for a performance at the legendary Moulin Rouge.  How fun would that be? And a great workout, to boot, which I’ll need after all the wining and dining I’ve been doing.  After my fifteen minutes of fame on the bohemian stage, I’ll be exhausted. I’ll need an opportunity to unwind, and a nice cup of tea and some delicious pastries will do the trick. Who am I trying to kid? Lola doesn’t ever do anything subdued. My fifth wish is to spend all day and night at a garden party at Versailles.  And get this, I will be in a full-on Marie Antoinette costume. I might as well go out with a bang.

Marie Antoinette

After my exhausting day of high-kicking around the Moulin Rouge stage, I can now squeeze myself into a tiny, pink corseted dress.  Phew!  I know you think blue when you think of Marie Antoinette; I do too. But, I’m Lola and Lola only does pink.  It’s a firm rule of mine and a part of my branding that I’m unwilling to negotiate.


de toute beauté, Marie Antoinette!

This lovely garden party at Versailles will be held out in front of the Chateaux near the Water Garden.  Just like any good garden party, it will be tented and illuminated with candles.  All the guests will be dressed in costume just like me.  Can’t you just envision me in a powdered wig and beauty mark?  Ooo-lala! As far as the men go, they will be dressed like revolutionary soldiers without the fussy wigs.  Think Count Axel von Fersen, Marie Antoinette’s rumored lover – yummy.  We will be dining, drinking, dancing and gambling just like the queen who “let them eat cake”.  The drink of choice will be fine French champagne, of course, and there will be gobs of gastronomically-delicious French food and pastries.  Everything looks and IS delectable!  What a way to wrap up my Parisian stay.

Thuet Macarons

bon appétit

So, what do you say?  Don’t you want to follow along as Lola runs around Paris doing all these fantastique things?  Armed with my pink beret and boa, I think Paris and Lola were made for each other. It’s high time that Paris got LOLAFIED!

ooo-lala lola

Merci beaucoup for reading, and now for your perks…

Just because I’m throwing my boa in the ring to be the lucky recipient of a European tour doesn’t mean you can’t too. There are other prizes you can win as well.  Through Go with Oh’s Facebook contest, you can win tres chic Samsonite luggage, a Panasonic Lumix camera, an iPad2 or 500 Euros in holiday accommodations!  Boom chica chica wow wow…let’s all be winners!


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