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twelve of O – 12

tour de eiffel

well, well, well, what do we have here? another tagging blogger thingy-ma-jig. it is hard for me to say no to these especially when i’m tagged by someone who i think is really great like, Erik of On My Feet or In My Mind. not only do i find his stories interesting but, for some reason, the man finds lola amusing. just read this comment he wrote on one of my posts. (see #5)

You being yourself is the number one thing that makes you awesome and makes it so much fun to read your blog and follow your adventures.

Those people who pass judgement on you are trying to mask their own unhappiness by doing it- they aren’t worth any thought or time.

Just keep being your fabulous self!!!!!

thanks for your support, Erik, and for tagging me. and away i go with my dirty dozen of 2012.

1) most popular – from lola, with love!


why is this my most popular? can you guess?? i’ll give you a hint…it has to do with foreign languages and virtually nothing to do with what i wrote!

2) most helpful travel tip – 5 financial essentials you need while traveling through Europe


because if you don’t have common sense to do these things, at least have the common sense to go get yourself a sugar daddy!

3) a post that was surprisingly successful – postcards, pins, patches – what’s your favorite travel souvenirs?


since souvenirs seem trite at times i was surprised at how many people commented and liked the post. that’s what 14K gold lucky charms do for you!!! 😉

4) a post that was underrated – Ames Boston: a hotel that aims to please

photo 3

with all my star quality hotel review porn as of late, i was surprised more people didn’t like the Ames post more. it’s one cool hotel and deserves a good long sexy look.

5) most controversial post – my controversial musings for 2012

it's your story

well, the title says so – so it must be! judgers and haters make me mad. the. end.

6) most amusing post – my 7 super shots – done lola-style

in the bathroom of the playboy club in vegas

in the bathroom of the playboy club in vegas

because it’s funny. i twisted this little contest into something that is “lola true”. i mean, c’mon, there’s a photo of a blow up doll getting sandwiched. that alone is amusing!

7) the post i’m most proud of – lola’s making her dreams come true


this post made me proud of all that i set out to accomplish in 2012 and what i did to achieve my goals. here’s to 2013…

8) best travel story or travel perspective – favorite travel spots – food for thought

budapest, curaçao, cambodia

this was an unplanned post that simply came about from a great question. it made me realize something about myself that i hadn’t stopped to ponder.

9) best travel adventure – surviving Cambodia

some of my Habitat build team

some of my Habitat build team

going to Cambodia was a big adventure for me and now i have the travel bug to do more trips like this. it’s ALL GOOD!

10) best cultural perspective or insights – cambodia starts with the letter P

phnom penh monks

many people liked this post & suggested i replicate it for other locations. thing is, it isn’t something that easily replicated. it has to be true…things need to keep recurring with the same letter in order to make it work!

11) most beautiful – cocktails of cambodia

gigantic glass of red at Topaz - phnom penh

well, what can i say? i’m lola and i like my cocktails. this post has loads of photos of them & that’s a beautiful thing!

12) best photo or photo gallery – Capture the Color with Lola

deep in the heart of Art Deco Miami lives a PINK car that i must have one day

deep in the heart of Art Deco Miami lives a PINK car that i must have one day

i don’t fancy myself an award-winning photographer but this little “capture the color” contest was fun. especially adding in my own category of color – PINK!

so, there it is. what i think are my best posts of 2012! are there any that i missed and should have put in on this list?

now for who i’m tagging…

Tom of Waegook Tom

Jennifer of Scarlett Wonderland

Josh of Engineer on the Road

Anita of traveldestinationbucketlist

let them entertain you with their best of 2012 – much the way they always do lola 🙂


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6 Responses to the dirty dozen – best posts of 2012

  1. a good selection!! and took me back to memory lane!! 🙂
    @mrsoaroundworld recently posted…How holidays help you live longerMy Profile

  2. Great choices! Now I have to go back and catch up on the few I haven’t read yet!!!

    Thanks also for the kind words- I needed them today:-)
    Erik recently posted…New Zealand- Chapter 25: Waitangi, The Hokianga & RainMy Profile

  3. I really enjoyed reading your ‘making her dreams come true’ post. Makes me think about my goals to achieve my dream as well.

  4. Hi Lola,

    What a great round up 🙂 those Cambodian cocktails look delish! We were tagged by Globetrotter Girls and really enjoyed looking back over the past twelve months of our travels.

    While I’m here I’d love to invite to join in another blogger tagging thingy majiggy ! Travel Photo Roulette 🙂 It’s a photo comp for travel and photography blogs. The winner of each round hosts the next and chooses a theme. Round #55 is ‘The Natural World’ we’d love you to drop by our site and check it out 🙂
    Charli l Wanderlusters recently posted…Photo Roulette #55: The Natural WorldMy Profile

  5. Thanks for tagging me Lola! Loved reading your dirty dozen. Great collection. You do get up to some fun! Was a blast having you in Montreal! You are every bit as fun as your writing!
    Anita Mac recently posted…Bota Bota Scandinavian Spa Sur l’Eau – MontrealMy Profile

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